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Translating the Scriptures and the Gospel

I’ve been rereading The Continuing Conversion of the Church, by Darrell Guder this week. It really is an excellent book which I strongly reccomend to anyone who has responsibility for thinking through the mission and role of the Church. This isn’t an easy book and it doesn’t lay out a twelve step programme of how […]

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Moral Climate Change and Freedom of Speech: Bishop NT Wright

Last week Tom Wright gave an excellent speech in the House of Lords which did not seem to receive any publicity at the time. I have to admit that the speech is rather dense (I had to read it twice) but it is a good example of a Christian engaging with pressing social issues. The […]


The Heart of Mission?

I’ve just done a short exercise for my MTh course. Following on from some reading; the workbook asked, ‘which Biblical passages lead you to the heart of mission?’ I raised this question myself in a post a few months back, but my answer to the exercise today is different to the one I gave earlier. […]

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The Pope on the Bible

I discovered the following quote from an interview on Pub Philospher (what a great name for a Blog). It comes from an interview given by Father Joseph Fessio, a friend of Pope Benedict’s. In the interview, Father Fessio remembered a conversation with the Pope concerning Islam’s ability to adapt to modern culture. The Pope gives […]

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How to Read the Bible Missiologically

How to Read the Bible Missiologically Brian Russell has a terrific series of posts on his Blog about reading the Bible Missiologically. The posts are based on talks which he will be giving to Wycliffe people somewhere or other. If the talks are as good as the extracts they will be excellent. Go on, read […]


A personal theology of mission

For my course at Spurgeons College I was recently asked to write a personal theology of Christian mission. I’ve uploaded the essay here in pdf form in case anyone is interested in reading it. It certainly isn’t a detailed and thorough academic theology (as the person doing the marking kindly pointed out 🙂 ) but […]

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Why is Bible Translation Important?

We have been involved in Bible translation for over twenty years now. Obviously, we think that translating the Scriptures is vitally important and we’ve posted things elsewhere on this website that indicate why. However, I’d be very interested to know what reasons others have for thinking that Bible translation is important. Why, should people in […]

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Bible Translation and the Incarnation

The last few weeks, I’ve been mulling over what Bible translation is all about (this comes a bit late, after twenty years in the field). At the most basic level, Bible translation is a very effective tool for transmitting the message of the Gospel. By translating the Scriptures, we are allowing people to hear God’s […]

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Is God No Fun?

This is the title of an Evangelistic Lunchtime talk which I have agreed to give at Southampton University. I wonder, does anyone reading this have any profound thoughts on this subject they would like to share? I think you should be able to comment below (there should be a ‘comment’ button somewhere). If not, send […]