The Perils of Missionary Thinking

The very survival of Christianity in Europe and America depends upon the emergence of men and women able to think new thoughts and devise new strategies at the real frontiers of mission today. But such people, whether innovative church planting missionaries or Christian intellectuals seeking to move beyond the timeworn habits of thought in order to rethink the relationship of Christianity and Western Culture from the perspective of mission, are likely to face misunderstanding, criticism and serious opposition.

A Biblical Worldview

I’ve long been a fan of Mike Goheen’s writing; perhaps you will understand why after watching this six minute video. If you came here via social media or email and the video doesn’t show, click here. This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures […]

How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions?

Being reflective about mission practice can leave you in some uncomfortable places.

I Think I’m Going To Like This Book

The astonishing ability of Christian faith to embed its truth in the life of widely diverse and endlessly changing cultures is the key to is growth, durability, and vitality through time and across geographical space.

No Edwins in the Bible!

When Cassius Clay converted to Islam, he changed his name to Muhammed Ali. When Steven Demetre Georgiou became a Muslim, he stopped calling himself Cat Stevens and became Yusuf Islam.  This isn’t news, we are used to the fact that converts adopt Islamic names, dress or hair style. So, why don’t I have an Aramaic name […]

Language Culture and the Benefits of Bible Translation

Three years ago, I wrote a longish blog post (part of a chapter of my unfinished book) which included the following… Just as each culture brings something new to humanity, so does every language. Each language is capable of expressing some things better than all other languages. Why else to coffee shops sell cafe latte rather than milky coffee? […]

Wrestling With Onesimus 2: Imports

This is the next post in my series trying to get to grips with Onesimus post: When Missions Becomes Toxic; or, Um, They Don’t Need Us Anymore. It is quite obvious, that Onesimus has some serious reservations about the impact of the Western mission movement: Now that I’ve been here (on the ‘field’) for a while, […]

Bible and Mission Links 22

Bible Translation Philip Hewer has a rather nice blog post exploring the disappearing vocative ‘o’, while pays homage to ‘Good News for Modern Man‘. Those with a historical interest can read about Baptists and the Bible and there are more materials about the Bible than most of us will ever read available from John Frame […]

The Word in West Africa

Sue has just completed her MA in aspects of Biblical Interpretation. Her dissertation was on the role of translated Scriptures in the contextualisation of the gospel in West Africa, or how having the Bible in African languages has helped the development of authentic Africa Christianity, if you prefer. You can download it as a pdf […]

The Mark Drama

Wycliffe Bible Translators exists to enable people to engage deeply with the story of the Bible, that’s why I find this initiative so exciting. Live the Story; Give the Story. This post is more than a year old. It is quite possible that any links to other websites, pictures or media content will no longer […]